About us & Contact info

The hosts behind the podcast “Old Men New Games”

Preben H Pedersen & Jacob K Therkildsen
As the title of our podcast indicates, we are old men trying out new mobilegames. Follow us for more episodes and game reviews in the future.

If you like to have at good time, come play with us:

Preben's profile on Playstation network: Heimdallr40

Preben's xbox profil: Heimdallr666  

Jacob's profile on Xbox Live: Fuldestodder

If you feel like commenting on one of our podcasts, or have an idea for something we need to talk about on one of our upcoming podcasts, feel free to send us an voicemail. We may want to use your voicemail in an upcoming episode. Press the button below to send us a message. 
Hope to hear from you soon. 

Remember, stay safe and play nice.

Preben & Jacob